5 Best Apps to Watch Movies on Smartphones

Did you ever imagine the world without audiovisuals or did you ever think how it would have been before the movies are invented? Well, that sure leaves us in fright, right? That’s how influential and effective movies are. They indeed play a huge role in our lives. As the weekend starts approaching, the first thing that comes across my brain is to go to the screens and catch the movie with someone you love to have some quality time. But not all of us are fortunate to do that as we often get winded up in the situations. There comes the rescue by the online video streaming apps. With a truckload of them in market, here are the 5 best apps to watch movies.

  1. Showbox: Showbox has been the best and one of the finest video streaming apps in existence with millions of users around the globe. It allows you stream and download the recent films, TV shows, cartoon, anime and what not. The best thing about the app is that it is entirely free unlike its subscribed alternatives and it offers the same features as them. Also, Showbox has got a huge user base and as well as database that you will find almost anything in the app in the first search. All the videos are sorted based on various filters.
  2. Netflix: Netflix is by far, the world’s top online video streaming app that permits clients to watch content on the screens ranging from the smartphones to the Smart TVs. Netflix was the first to permit continuous watching, in other words, the binge watching and gave buyers control over the broadcast. It has helped the users who are cinematics to almost find anything that they want irrespective of time and data just with a proper internet connection and a monthly subscription. Netflix is mostly known for containing quintessential and trending TV shows like Suits, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead etc.
  3. Newest Movies HD APK: Don’t we all love to experience updated things given that they’re keeping up with the pace? Newest Movies HD APK is one such app with an enormous collection of videos including films, cartoons and latest episodes of the TV shows. The interface is user-friendly, and you can get hold of it within few minutes. The best part is that this app provides the content in extremely high quality and is compatible with a wide range of devices as well.
  4. Playbox HD: If you’re an enthusiastic iOS user, you should already know that Playbox HD is the best rescue you can have that helps you in recreation. You can just install this app on your iDevice and start downloading/streaming limitless videos with a proper connection. Offering the same features, this app can also be used to chromecast the videos on bigger screens. The Android version of this app has been released as Cinema Box and it works the same. This app is also entirely free and doesn’t take a dime even for displaying the highest definition content.
  5. Popcorn Flix: Known as the second best online streaming app after Showbox, Popcorn Flix regularly updates its content on everyday basis. While the old version has become a hag, this one is a new resource which came out with many new specifics and features. There are around 700 videos to choose as of now but they are being increased on constant basis. However, as the app is new and experimental; you might get a better experience using it. Don’t get firm by comparing it effective immediately with established apps and give it a genuine try.