The Amazing Top 5 Free Online Chatting Sites

Online chatting has become part of our lives as the internet users; it is due to the fun and interest of spending time online chatting with new friends. Also, it is a way people encounter with different people with different tradition and cultures as well as knowing much more about they are doing from other parts of the world. Most online websites provide features that allow someone to add users to their lists so that they can chat with them. Here are lists of 5 online chatting sites which can used completely free as long as there is internet connection.

Yahoo Messenger Online chat

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most preferred and the oldest right online chatting software. Yon can be able to chat on window live friends and Facebook. Also, some year back there was the conversation with strangers, and the only public chat rooms were available. However, you could choose countries like India, Brazil, UK, France, Canada, USA, Russian and much more chat.

Chat Avenue

Another great online chatting website on this list is Chat Avenue. It offers a free live chat room, to start up a chat; you will have to choose whichever from that list.


One of the common online chat platforms which allow individuals to chat live on webcams is Tinychat. Also, you are enabled to chat online with 12 users on a webcam. You can create your free chat room. You can do both video chatting and online texting.

Mocospace Chat

mocospace chat room

Another preferred mobile chat room is mocospace chat room. Mocospace is another free chatting service that you are enabled to create an account without an email address for just a minute. I contain numerous countries special chat rooms where you can find online users locally. Anyone can try it one PC or mobile.


One of the most common dating sites on the internet is Cupid. You can find guys or girls from all over the world through chatting online. To start communicating, first, you have to open an account. Or else you can log in to your Facebook account instantly.

Well said. Free online chatting site and the list of dating sites. Everyone should feel free to like these chat websites. There are more interesting chatting sites, and you can also share.

In conclusion, If you can’t find your favorite chat room after some tries, just be patient, never give up, keep on searching until you get your appropriate one. Always have in mind, patience pays so always be on the go and be hopeful in your search.